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Personal selling techniques for small business-to-business (B2B) companies
Boost sales with a client testimonials program
Persuade qualified prospects to buy with this proven client testimonial program. Learn the two must-have's for strong testimonials, how to find clients willing to give them, and what questions to ask -- plus a testimonial worksheet. . . . more
Solutions for managing your prospects and sales leads
Solutions for managing your prospects and sales leads If your struggling to automate the way you capture sales leads, communicate with them, keep track of the progress on selling your B2B service, and convert them to paying clients, you should consider this handy review of several online contact management software solutions. . . . more
How to beat your competition (and become more profitable)
How can you differentiate your service from competitors, without cutting your price? This check list will help you. . . . more
5 keys to effective B2B marketing and sales messages
Whether you are developing a brochure, writing a sales letter or email, or visiting a client on location for a sales presentation, be sure every message to prospects includes these 5 elements . . . more
How to reactivate previous business clients for new sales revenues
Often golden nuggets of sales revenue are hidden in your database of previous clients. To find them, use this simple 4-step plan -- plus 4 easy ideas to get their attention again. . . . more
CHECKLIST: Sales lead qualification scoring form
This tool helps you evaluate a sales opportunity, enabling you to easily rate the quality of a sales lead across 18 different criteria. . . . more
4 keys to pick the very best prospects for your service
The central key to selling your business-to-business service is to make sure the organizations or companies on your list have a problem in which you can provide a solution. But what if you have a large list of prospects to contact? How can you quickly narrow the list down to the most profitable opportunities? Use these four quick tips. . . . more
CHECKLIST: What information to include in your customer database
The money is in your list. That makes your prospect and customer database the most powerful marketing weapon you have to grow your business. Use this checklist to make sure you are capturing the right data. . . . more
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